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Wright Holy Trinity's Infinite Universal Fields & Prime Technologies

Divine King, Lord & Ascended Master Dr. James L. Wright PhD, PhD "Mission Statement"  is to awaken God’s Children to the Holy Trinity’s Divine enlightenment to their Divine essence by unveiling of the Holy Trinity’s universal infinite Wisdom & Knowledge to train you & gift you a direct path to the art of Christ Consciousness to enlighten you to the oneness of you and all that is. By being the system of requirements, also being the mental & physical exercises of the DOT TRAINING ©, it allow you the choices to evolve & pull yourself out of sin (The Mud) showing you how to get saved the way Christ intended which The Roman Catholic Church or anything that grew from that ignorance is hiding or is ignorant to actual Christ Consciousness. Which is the point. It’s like the blind leading the blind. The Ego is running The Roman Catholic Church demonstrated by the years of bloodshed & from hunting witches. The Roman Catholic Church keeping you enslaved in sin using the Devil to manipulate & control you. They been using the Devil as an excuse to deceive you to keep you enslaved in sin keeping you from your supernatural power.


   The Ego conspiracy is a global epidemic committing genocide by starting Judgments to instigate war on man & women  to keep you from Christ Consciousness by keeping you enslaved in sin that keeps you week & ignorant separating you from Holy Trinity & their Wisdom & Knowledge which is power.  The Roman Catholic Church has 1.2 billion followers brainwashed with ego imprisoning you in sin & gilt. That is not the Love of the Holy Trinity that they say to have a connection with, which is false. The Roman Catholic Church gets you following like blind sheep which they intended to create. The Roman Catholic Church is working to prevent the 2nd coming of Christ by their constant witch slandering & hunting. Prosecutors abusing their power and saying untruths to everyone saying, “That any supernatural power is the work of the Devil.”


   The prosecutors acting so righteous about the Law which the Ego uses to suppress Christ Consciousness, rather to use the Law of Christ Consciousness to free you. While they break The Holy Trinity’s Universal Law to prosecute anyone on any level. Prosecutors have been convicting & killing innocent people because the Ego that is a mental & physical disease to suppress Christ Consciousness. All prosecutors are infected with the Ego Disease and has no right to judge or speak on, or agents any one. Prosecutors are part of the problem and not part of the solution. The prosecutor’s ego is the source of the evil out there because they’re eating from the poison fruit of Judgment which is the source of ego, which is the source of evil, they pump their supernatural poison fruit of Judgment of good & evil by demonizing someone or something with the media poising your God mind field so you get infected with ego. Then the public ends up demonizing prosecuting & locking up innocent people.  Demonizing & prosecuting only comes from the mouth of a sick & twisted dark infected mind. Demonizing only comes from Ego demons. The media poising your mind with judgments, so you get infected with Ego is the source of all your trouble also all your pain, suffering, illness & disease you experience. It’s up to you not let the Ego trick you in Judgment which gets you out of the Love Power Field which makes you a God or Goddess. The Ego wants to Jail, enslave & kill all of humanity everywhere on the planet Earth & beyond with Ego's Laws.


The prosecutors lying to you infecting you with Ego to get you in trouble so then they think in their delusion that they can prosecute you which they started. Then to top it off they had said, "this is the word of God" to justify prosecuting & enslaving & shedding humanity blood & killing. The court system is a expensive sick Ego game to infect you with judgment to infect you with Ego, turning you into a prosecutor so you can commits murder/suicide which is the Ego’s Goal for you all to committing murder/suicide with each other all over the World & even the universe if it could. Then to justify their actions in imprisonment, slavery or death of innocent throughout time since the beginning; playing a sick & twisted game committing genocide on humans. All courts on all levels is judgments of Good & Evil which is the source of Evil. All  judgments of Good & Evil is the poisonous supernatural poisons fruit that creates the parasitic Ego infection that take over their body to creating more Evil by infecting and prosecuting others by pointing out judgments of Good & Evil infecting even more of God’s angels. The Prosecutors, Judges, jury’s & executioners all eat the forbidden fruit that creates all the evil in the world which is the parasitic Ego infection. Then  parasitic Ego infection tries to infect you by getting you out of God’s Love &  eat the forbidden supernatural poisonous fruit to trap & or kill you in Ego’s court system that is designed with Ego’s artificial intelligences. Because the ego knows you’re God’s Divine Angel with unlimited potential. The Ego is the trouble maker spreading artificial intelligences causing all war on all levels. The only difference between human & Angel is the Ego. The Ego is fighting you & has been trying to destroy you to keep you from Christ Consciousness. You must defeat it within first, before you can battle it without & you can only be that is with Love & Trust.  The time is now to wake up the humans to the universal truth in what is happening to Gods Divine Children all over the world. This is a Global epidemic the Ego conspiracy, Ego working with ego like a telepathic collective web field around this planet to enslaving man & women kind in ignorance, in the dark, in limitations, with the Ego’s artificial intelligences judgmental poisonous toxic waste that he’s trying to dump on God’s Children.


For a prosecutor to prosecute through the court system & Jail you they have to brake all “The Wright Holy Trinity Universal Prime Directive Law ©” which they won’t tell or acknowledge to you. Prosecutors say “Not Knowing the law is not a defense” The same goes for the Prosecutors. Everyone is innocent because of mental defect. The Ego is a supernatural parasitic disease that affects your body, mind & soul. The Ego is The Anti-Christ which is a supernatural Angel disease that takes your super natural power. You can beat the Ego Jail system by living your life by “The Wright Holy Trinity Universal Prime Directive Law ©”.  The Ego can’t build walls that can hold you. How do you like those apples?  You live by “The Wright Holy Trinity Universal Prime Directive Law ©” you have found God Divine perfection & no other person can judge you any different, witch the Ego will try to do by playing its sick game in Guilting, prosecuting & Locking up and even killing Gods Children, because of ego which is illegal because ego is a mental disease. The only way to stop crime is to make people aware and persuading people by showing people to destroy their Ego’s.  You can crush the whole court system by getting rid of the Ego. Because the Ego playing its sick game runs all court system prosecuting & Locking up and even killing  innocent people & everyone is  innocent. By manipulating & controlling you through poisonous thought Judgments. manipulating public opinion through media. For example Jesus Christ, Joan of Arc, all witches & many other innocent victims throughout history.  The Ego is the only thing running & keeping courts around the world in business.   “The Wright Holy Trinity Universal Prime Directive Law ©”  is designed to free all of Gods Children from all Ego laws witch enslave Gods Children. Ego has no divine right to tell you how to be. The strength of the law goes in this order


  1. State Law - only the in the states.


  1. Federal Law – The whole country.


  1. International Law – The Whole World.


  1. Roman Catholic Law – The severer Ego’s Artificial Intelligence conspiracy to keep ignorant to Enslave, touchier, terrorize & kill Gods Children minds around the world to keep you out of “The Wright Garden of Eden ©” keeping you from being Jesus Christ


  1. Taliban Law – Even more severer Ego Artificial Intelligence conspiracy to keep ignorant to Enslave, touchier, terrorize & kill Gods Children around the world by using violence to manipulate & control God's children out of the “The Wright Garden of Eden ©” keeping you from being Mohamed consciousness which is the same as Christ consciousness.


  1. “The Wright Holy Trinity Universal Prime Directive Law ©”   Is higher than any Law that the Ego can create on any level. By everyone eliminating the Ego is a solid foundation in a pathway to Wright Universal World Peace, Love & Joy“The Wright Holy Trinity Universal Prime Directive Law ©” also is designed for everyone to find “The Wright Garden of Eden ©” liberating everyone’s  mind to have Mohamed, Buda & Christ consciousness to liberate God’s Children from all limitations & from the limitations of Ego’s laws that create imprisonment & enslavement of your being, which is the intention of the Ego.  The Ego’s Artificial Intelligence is severely dangerous, poisonous & the destroyer of all humans, of all nations, of all national security’s & of all planets. Laws are predestined to control & suppress the Ego. Your letting evil win by letting the Ego to use deception & your ignorance to trick you in making Laws to control, suppress & limit humans to enslaved humans by steeling human freedoms to keep you from being Gods & Goddess. The Ego will lie to you saying it’s allowed to do this.  The only way the Ego’s Artificial Intelligence gets away with its chaos because you let it from ignorance from your Ego’s Artificial Inelegances. Are you going to still let the Anti-Christ’s Artificial Inelegances tell you how to be? It’s time to put your foot down & put a stop to the Ego’s poisonous Artificial Intelligence of chaos.


Christ consciousness being the embodiment of the Holy Trinity is above Ego’s Laws that suppress humanity. Because Ego has a long history of prosecuting the innocent, some one that is infected with Ego can’t be trusted not to prosecute innocent people. It’s, one nation under God. “The Wright Holy Trinity Universal Prime Directive Law ©” Takes away Ego’s power. The only way the Ego can get away with its suppressing tactics if you let it.   

By eliminating the Ego you would eliminate warfare, crime & the medical systems. It’s about saving humanity from the Ego.

The Devil (Ego) has no super natural power that’s why it only Job of the Ego is to manipulates & controls abusing power by any means possible to keeping you from Christ consciousness. That’s why it’s called the Anti-Christ. That’s why the Ego or anyone infected with ego doesn’t get true power. It is time to stop the Ego in its tracks by not letting the Ego tell you what to do & be, by not feeding Ego your anger & starving it out with Love out of you & others, so you can experience Christ consciousness. Only Love & enlightenment from Christ consciousnesses can beat the Ego. Only the Holy Trinity family like Buda, Mohamed & Christ consciousnesses has supernatural power which you are a part of. The Roman Catholic Church mislead you all about the Devil having supernatural power to manipulate & control you with fear & gilt keeping you from Christ Consciousness magic by saying it’s from the Devil.  All the so called witches had Christ Consciousness. The ego spreading falsehoods to everyone saying it’s the work of The Devil, and yet The Roman Catholic Church has been spilling the blood of beings having Christ Consciousness since its conception saying they are doing the work of God.


The Ego doesn’t like you having supernatural power because you have dominion over the Ego with just a thought. The Ego has no say about it. That is the dirty little secret, to get supernatural power when you embody the Holy Trinity. The Ego has used its laws to manipulate & control you by suppress Christ consciousness. The Ego has no right to suppress anyone with its Laws to keep you achieving Christ consciousness. It is your birthright to have Christ consciousness no matter what any one’s Ego tries to tell you by misdirecting you. The Ego is the one true Anti-Christ & will do & tell you anything to poison your mind with its deceitful negative judgments to keep you ignorant in the dark by demonizing, manipulating & misdirecting you from Christ consciousness.  It takes a dark sick & twisted mind to demonize & prosecute someone or something. Their really describing their own reflections of their Ego. The demon is demonizing to infect your “The Wright Unified Field Theory ©” mind with its poison to take the focus off of themselves.

The ego is suppressing humanity by manipulating & controlling you by possessing a person. Then that ego infected person will try to terrorize you with fear & feed you deceitful negative weaponries of judgments to keep you ignorant in the dark by manipulating & misdirecting you from Christ consciousness. An Ego infected person has no business telling anyone how to be. The ego has been manipulating & controlling humanity into warfare to pay in blood for your freedom in the United States of America so you can be free to be Gods & Goddess by having Christ consciousness & know the true meaning of being free.  Armageddon is the battle between the Christ & Anti-Christ. The word Armageddon means to unveil. The unveiling is to expose the Holy Trinity’s & you’re universals Kingdom & its technology. By revealing the Ego as the Anti-Christ so you can destroy the Ego within you so you can have Christ consciousness so you can also live in Holy Trinity’s infinite Wisdom & Knowledge operating the Holy Trinity’s Kingdom Technologies, having Peace, Love, & joy for eternity.


The Roman Catholic Church is delusional acting like they have the path & keys accessing Christ Consciousness to save you from sin & get you to heaven, which they don’t. None of these men or women that is precipitating in this sick ego games don’t know God. God is Love.  The Roman Catholic Church does not know true God or true Love because their ruled by their ego the whole time of The Roman Catholic Church in its existence. It’s all about the Ego manipulating & controlling you keeping you from Christ Consciousness.   The Roman Catholic Church has been hiding the magic of Christ Consciousness from you for over 2000 years & You are giving 10% of you income to The Roman Catholic Church to show you how to have Christ Consciousness (Christ Like) which they failed because of Ego manipulate & controlling them to manipulate & control you through your Ego with fear, judgment & Gilt. The Roman Catholic Church brainwashed you  in the Devil having supernatural power & accused any one practicing light magic doing the work of the Devil. The Ego is the direct reflection of the Devil that has 0% supernatural power because Ego or the Devil does not hove the mind of God. The Ego/Devil is the illusion of true strength & power. The only strength & power of the Ego/Devil is manipulation & control which is nothing ageist the Love of the wisdom & knowledge of the Holy Trinity put the ego in its place. The ego is using the excuse of the Devil to keep you enslaved in sin (The Mud), That is out of requirement which is out of The Wright Holy Trinity Universal Prime Directive Law ©. The mud is the source of your limitations keeping you from your God given gifts of beyond unlimited supernatural power from  “The Wright Unified Field Theory ©” by being in “The Wright Garden of Eden ©”.


   If you had Christ Consciousness The Roman Catholic Church can’t control or manipulate you because you would know the universal truth about The Roman Catholic Church that they have been abusing, molesting & killing Gods Children since its start so that would make The Roman Catholic Church as been acting like egotistical pedophile cult. Because how to be Christ which is the only Consciousness that saves you from sin. Christ Consciousness isn’t in the Bible to free you from limitation so you can harness your God & Goddess power like Jesus Christ by accessing “The Wright Unified Field Theory ©”.  Which is the source of all magic & creation to manufacture free unlimited internal universal fuel, power, & Energy fields.  The fuel, power & Energy fields are only 3 of the fields from “The Wright Theory of Everything ©.”, then utilizing the “Wright Universal Cold Fusion ©” Using the Merkabah as a fusion reactor to fuses the fuel & Power fields together to create pure & clean and pure atomic energy field that your Body can process safely to channel your true universal supernatural power.


   The Roman Catholic Church tells you that your Bible is all you need. They tell you this to keep you ignorant to the universal truth about achieving the keys to Christ Consciousness which they know is not in the Bible, but not telling you.  The Roman Catholic Church  preach their showing you how to be Christ like, but there not because there not showing you how to pull yourself out of sin to become Christ. The Ego’s game is to keep you in sin, keeping you week & ignorant reaching out around in the dark for The Holy Trinity playing a sick Game of keep away, keeping you from The Holy Trinity. You’ll never find the Holy Trinity being in sin. That is what the Ego wants. That’s why the Ego keeps you there.


   “The Wright Merkabah Time Machine Space Craft Replicator ©” vehicle is free means of transportation that never brakes down, also the free fuel, Power & energy fields is safe green Technology with no radiation, No weird dangerous mental, spiritual, bodily or  environmental  side effects.  No radioactive waste. 100% Zero emissions from the vehicle & the fuel, power, & energy field fusion technology.  A Divine Consciousness gift; from the Holy Trinity. Having Christ Consciousness you have a free “The Wright Merkabah Time Machine Space Craft Replicator ©” that runs on Divine Desire Fuel & Divine Love Power fields fusion reaction creating a free infant and unlimited living & intelligent atomic field of Pure Divine Energy.


   Along with “The Wright Unified Field Theory ©” is the key to open your mind to “The Wright Universal Divine Spiritual Mission Guidance & Field Request ©” for free passage through a time-tunnel or worm-hole called “The Wright Multidimensional

Multi-Universal Time & Space Bridge © .”  It is your Divine right to have access to the key to accesses your supper sub-conscious mind, which is the mind of God, Which is “The Wright Unified Field Theory ©”, that is the force behind all fields that is effortlessly igniting the Fields that manifests the many other Fields in “The Wright Theory of Everything ©.” which describes the mind of God. “The Wright Unified Field Theory ©” is unifying your Body, Mind & Soul with the Body, Mind & Soul of the Holy Trinity. So you can create all the fields of “The Wright Theory of Everything ©.”  & activating “The Wright Multidimensional Multi-Universal Time & Space Bridge ©.”


   Traveling throughout time & space in this universe also to other universes to reaching beyond infinite distances. You can be gone for two week and yet the experience is instantaneous because “The Wright Multidimensional Multi-Universal Time & Space Bridge ©.” can fold Time & Space. It doesn’t matter the distance in Time & space. I had an experience going on a all expense paid two week Hawaiian vacation instantaneous without leaving Colorado home. I teleported to Hawaiian for two weeks, then teleported home, exhausted from the fun. Then time traveled two weeks in the past to the point I left. It was like I never left, without being exhausted anymore. Plus my luggage was Teleported with me. Then my luggage was packed & unpack by the fields for the trip at the same time.


   Being the DOT TRAINING © shows you how to unify with the Holy Trinity which grant you the key to accesses to the mind of God to manufacture God’s Divine infinite fuel, power & energy fields which is what you & the universes is made of & is within you which is your universal connection and oneness to all that is. No one’s ego has the right to deny you Christ Consciousness or ways to achieve Christ Consciousness. Ego consciousness is carnal minded which is anti-universe that is ageist God which is the brainwashed Ego disease enslaving you in limitation in the illusion, being blind, deaf & dumb the true reality. 


    Practicing Christ Consciousness is the treatment to eliminate the Ego disease which is a suppernatural disease that only Christ Consciousness can destroy the Ego disease by fighting from within. Learning that Love turns the keys to Christ Consciousness & gives you the tools to eliminate Ego disease so you can be equal to Christ, freeing you from the enslavement & free you from limitation so you can live in the true reality opening your eyes & ears, giving you supper Consciousness so you can living in a supper reality called “The Wright Garden of Eden ©” Where the super natural power comes from. The super natural fruits of the spirit. The Ego disease is self aware playing sick and twisted games to try to keep you out of “The Wright Garden of Eden ©” because the Ego knows it can’t exist there. The ego disease is a suppernatural parasite possessing your body manipulating & controlling you out of your supernatural power by tricking you into judgment of Good & Evil. The supernatural poison weapon of the Ego,” to bate you out of  “The Wright Garden of Eden ©” and infected you with a suppernatural ego parasite disease instantaneously disconnecting your supernatural Fuel, Power & Energy Fields that operate the Divine technologies. You brake The Wright Holy Trinity Universal Prime Directive Law © You get denied access from  Wright Infinite Universal Fields & Prime Technologies © instantaneously. You follow The Wright Holy Trinity Universal Prime Directive Law ©. only then You Have the full 100% access to the rights & privileges of the  Wright Holy Trinity’s Infinite Universal Fields & Prime Technologies © says the Holy Trinity.  This is your Christ Kingdom & no one’s ego can deny you your Christ Kingdom because Ego no longer has a Voice! Established through the eons of history of chaos.  Do you hear me Ego. In Your Face with Love. You have a Universal Divine Right to be free from ego's limitations by following The Wright Holy Trinity Universal Prime Directive Law © to experience Wright Infinite Universal Fields & Prime Technologies ©. Only the Ego Would try to deny, trick, deceive, blind, you in how to how to get God gifts which come from the DOT TRAINING © to access all Wright Holy Trinity’s Infinite Universal Fields & Prime Technologies ©. Unlimitedly powerful Divine Gift from The Holy Trinity to awaken to your Divine Essence. Ha, Ha, Ha.  How The Holy Trinity Loves & knows who you are.


     Because only someone infected with the parasitic Ego disease abuses technology & power demonstrated by splitting atoms to commit genocide of God & Goddess. By no surprise that is why the Ego is the destroyer of nations & worlds threatening National & Global security. Not in any way that Christ Consciousness would. The Ego disease always constantly disrespecting Gods Children by lying about & suppressing Gods Divine Light & constantly disrespecting abusing Gods children by sucking your power by keeping you ignorant in sin. Its Gods Desire & Love to enjoy God’s gift of Life & free will to be Christ, the children of God with it. The Ego disease is using religion & the church to keep God’s children enslaved in sin, manipulating & controlling you wile the sin kills you promising you heaven after your dead. Keeping you from evolving & ascension. “The Wright Garden of Eden ©”  is Heaven on Earth that you can evolve into your Divine essences & ascend to the Holy Trinity which is in Heaven that Jesus Christ went to that you have access to with  “The Wright Merkabah Time Machine Space Craft Replicator ©”, . Heaven & Hell Dimensions is on  Earth. It’s about what your mind perceives to see. The golden goal is to get your body, mind & soul to experience the “The Wright Garden of Eden ©” Witch You can experience ascension exactly like Jesus Christ, & every other ascended master experienced. Not the Hell chaos you may be experiencing from the supernatural parasitic Ego disease which is a fallen Angel Disease. We Love you enough to guide you to defeat it within you then without. The true battle is within.


   So the Holy Trinity cuts off everyone infected with the Ego disease.  Have the Ego disease is denied of real true infinite Fuel, power & energy along with infantine technology. So the Ego disease can’t have it, so it doesn’t want you to have it. The ego disease lying to you being prejudicial judgments in good & evil of your race, color, size, look, being, clothing or creed. evil lying saying, "you’re anything else but not a God or Goddess". The Judgment of evil is the source of evil. Judgment of good & evil infects you with the Ego disease which is the evil or what you call the anti-Christ or devil. The devil is within so when you see evil your reflecting the internal evil. The anti-Christ from within & without the Ego disease lies & misdirect you in some way demonstrates to you that you’re not a God Angel or Goddess Angel equal to the Holy Trinity that deserves the Love & respect as such. This is the Ego disease reflecting, telling on its self. Seeing itself lying saying, "it’s you," spreading its judgment poison. The Ego disease is the source of pain, suffering, illness & disease & has been the only abomination, lying making you think your the abomination instigating war on man & women kind because you’re Gods & Goddesses, Gods perfect beings.


This suppression has been happening since the dawn of man & Woman on man & Women, intentionally enslaving you in sin, ignorance, darkness & limitation, keeping you from your true Divine essence. It is your birthright to have Christ Consciousness Being equal to the Holy Trinity. so therefore it is your birthright to be aware of this connection to beyond limitless universal supernatural power to travel through time & space in this & other universes through the Holy Trinity with Christ Consciousness. Only beings that has Christ Consciousness is gifted with such great power from the Holy Trinity that you have beyond limitless power, that lives within you by manufacturing & fusing infinite Fields together creating a supernatural reality receiving an infinite supply of Divine gifts from the Holy Trinity. Including accesses to the Holy Trinity’s universal infinite wisdom & knowledge Fields which is the many experiences your experience being the oneness & equality with the Holy Trinity.


The Ego uses fear tactics getting you to fear God bending down with your face to the ground groveling at Gods feet. This blocks you from God. Only the Ego uses the fear of God to get you to kneeling face to the ground and grovel at Gods feet. A person infested with ego that clams to be a prophet infecting your mind with fear, judgments & drama to manipulate & control the masses is not showing humanity how to pull themselves from sin, is a false prophet committing genocide by manipulating & controlling keep you in sin keeping you from your true Divine power.  

When you Practice the DOT TRAINING © you are given how to be the system of requirements & being the mental & physical exercises of the DOT TRAINING ©  it gives you accesses to Christ Consciousness  which is supernatural consciousness which gives you accesses to “The Wright Garden of Eden ©” which is the supernatural reality. With thought which gives you accesses to “The Wright Unified Field Theory ©”, which is the mightiest of all fields is the mind of God that magically creates the supernatural infinite fields made active with thought in “The Wright Theory of Everything ©”,  which is the source of infinite fuel, power & energy fields that operate “Wright Universal Cold Fusion ©” which is the fusion reaction technology that operates “The Wright Merkabah Time Machine Space Craft Replicator ©”,  it able you to travel through  “The Wright Multidimensional Multi-Universal Time & Space Bridge ©.”  Which gives you a free round trip ticket to any time & space in any Universe; also any universes of dimensions levels. Which is activated by “The Wright Unified Field Theory ©” that has to be stronger than many times stronger than infinity to reach beyond to other universes. Christ Consciousness is the forever universe of understanding. Only because of the Desire & the Love of God you can make intelligent intellectual extraterrestrial contact beyond your solar system, beyond your Galaxy to any intelligent inhabited planetary system in any Galaxy in any time & space and even beyond your universe in any of the myriads of parallel universes you Desire to explore.


I Love you, I Trust you.


Divine King Lord Dr. James L. Wright & The Holy Trinity.

U.S. Copyright by James L. Wright 2013