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Time Machine

Posted by James L. Wright on April 25, 2017 at 2:55 PM

Time Machine

Merkabah Time Travel

Mer= light



We show you how to activate, create, & operate with your mind the Merkabah in the DOT TRAINING Book & DVD

Seraphim Angels powers the movement of the Merkabah. “Seraphim Angels” are the highest, that is, closest to God. The Merkabah evolves you into a Seraphim Angel equal subatomic vibration of God & the Holy Trinity to operate the Merkabah.

“The Wright Merkabah Time Machine Space Craft Replicator ©

Is activated with Divine thought. Christ Consciousness. The mind of God.

“The Wright Holy Trinity Universal Prime Directive Law ©”

The Requirements in the DOT TRAINING

The mind of God is: Gods Love & approval; refinement, attainment, enhancement of whatever it surrounds, Spiritual rewards.

With the mind of God & Holy Trinity; The super sub conscious mind, The conscious super sub conscious mind, Access to 100% of your brain. To create “The Wright Unified Field Theory ©” to fold space & time open the time tunnel wormhole.

“The Wright Multidimensional Multi-Universal Time & Space Bridge ©”

You can travel through time, space, Multidimensional, & Multi-Universal instantaneous.

The Wormhole, Time Tunnel, Gateway is opened with the Infinity Key in the DOT TRAINING in the Book & DVD

The Infinity key gives you the mind of God working together with Merkabah by connecting the conscious mind to the subconscious mind to the super subconscious mind activating 100% of the mind. Equalized with The mind Of God & the Holy Trinity.

The conscious subconscious mind you can create “The Wright Unified Field Theory ©” working together with the Merkabah you can crossover any & all of God’s given supernatural superpowers as a Gift, Inheritance, & birthright from God. The Merkabah key your Gift, Inheritance, & Birthright from God. The Infinity key your Gift, Inheritance, & Birthright from God. Christ consciousness key your Gift, Inheritance, & Birthright from God. All DOT TRAINING keys to Christ consciousness your Gift, Inheritance, & Birthright from God.

So don’t let anybody egos Antichrist maliciously lie to you & deny you Christ consciousness. Ego Antichrist will try, but has no rights or business to deny or stop you in anyway activating your Christ consciousness supernatural superpowers. Even by the word or law of Ego men or women to suppress you. Only the Ego Antichrist would to make some Law to suppress or misdirect you from Christ consciousness. Like Roman Catholic Church maliciously slandering, maliciously persecuting, maliciously prosecuting, & killed innocent witches, committing genocide because of having Christ consciousness. Then the Roman Catholic Church regulating Christ consciousness to racketeer money from Guilty feeling sinners On the back of Jesus Christ; based on malicious lies, maliciously slandering, malicious misdirecting, malicious deceiving, & “NOT” given anyone the keys to Christ consciousness. At the same time the Roman Catholic Church malicious misdirecting & malicious deceiving of Catholic & Christian followers away from Christ consciousness. Suppressing Christ consciousness for over 2000 years… “That’s Unconstitutional”

“The Wright Unified Field Theory ©” is the strongest Field to fold space& time & open the time tunnel wormhole. The same “The Wright Unified Field Theory ©”that created the universe. “The Wright Big Bang Theory ©” & the same “The Wright Unified Field Theory ©” is creating the supernatural superpowers, Green & safe fuel, power, & energy. (Divine Desire, Divine Love, Divine Energy). supernatural superpowers has Christ consciousness & only operates in Gods Desire & Gods Love creating God’s energies.

“The Wright Infinite Prime Fuel, Power, & Energy Fields Technologies ©

Every part of you is supernatural superpowers.

1) “Divine thought” -supernatural superpowers

2) "Divine Love & Light"-supernatural superpowers

3) "Soul"-supernatural superpowers

4) "Atomic energy" supernatural superpower

5) "27% Antimatter energy" supernatural superpower

6) "74% Expanding energy" supernatural superpower

7) "Time & Space” inside the Atoms. supernatural superpower

Time & space is a multidimensional super fluid. Supernatural superpower.

Every part of you is supernatural superpowers even the empty space within your atoms.

The  “Omega Molecules” supernatural superpower Star Trek Voyager Omega Directive

The Omega Molecules is the fuel, power & energy that created the big bang that created the universe. The blood & life force of the universe & God.

9) “Life Forces” supernatural superpower

Power core Packs from Angels, Fairy’s & Holy Trinity

All the supernatural superpowers has Christ Consciousness. The mind of God & Has a life force & created & held together with Divine thought. Christ Consciousness. We have & can have with the DOT TRAINING, you get a Intimate symbiotic relationship. The foundation & creation of all supernatural superpowers is Divine thought field to create, fuel is Divine Desire field, & power is Divine Love field, then “Wright Universal Cold Fusion ©” to create green supernatural superpower energy.

“Wright Universal Cold Fusion ©”

Divine thought field to accesses create as much needed supernatural powers from your body, fuel is Divine Desire field, & power is Divine Love field, then “Wright Universal Cold Fusion ©” to create green supernatural superpower energy.

“The Wright Universal Anti-Gravity & Trans-Warp Fields Technologies ©”

The Merkabah is a Green Cold Fusion Reactor & a supernatural power replicator from your body, mind, & soul.

Divine thought, your mind, & soul

Divine Love & Light, your body, & soul

Atomic energy, Antimatter, Expanding energy, creating pushing gravitons to propel the Merkabah together with Time & space the multidimensional super fluid. The ingredients working together to Warp Drive

Omega Molecules ultra supreme power core booster.

The same day when I assimilated the Omega Molecules we were able to travel the furthest we ever traveled back in time & space. About 200 million years in the past. & was give a baby pet brontosauruses as a gift.

Life Forces from Angels, Fairies, & the Holy Trinity. 12 life forces all together. Life Forces are Power core packs to all supernatural powers.

Omega Molecules & Life Forces The ingredients working together to create Transwarp Drive

All “The Wright Infinite Prime Fuel, Power & Energy Fields Technologies © is green & safe Fuel, Power & Energy Fields.

With you developing Christ Consciousness & all supernatural powers have Christ Consciousness (the mind of God) you can communicate &  develop a Divine Symbiotic relationship, green & safely working together as a team,  working in harmony as a team with all  supernatural powers. You ask then the supernatural powers dose all the heavy lifting. All supernatural powers is a, & from God as a Gift.

Read my blog. “What is Ego?”

The Ego running the Roman Catholic Church has been misdirecting & enslaving humanity for 2000 years with judgments & demonizing. All witches had Christ Consciousness & had Gods powers.

The Ego running the Roman Catholic Church slandered the witches saying their supernatural powers are from the devil. Ego running the Roman Catholic Church has committed genocide killing incent victims to keep you becoming equal to Jesus Christ, God, & the Holy Ghost together.

The Ego running the Roman Catholic Church behavior has been trying to suppress Christ Consciousness & stop the second coming with judgments, demonizing, & misdirection to justifying persecuting & killing the innocent committed genocide.

Ego running the Roman Catholic Church behavior they don’t know God or how to get to God by ascension without dying.

Ego running the Roman Catholic Church behavior will try to use judgments, demonizing, & misdirecting you saying Angels demonstrating supernatural powers is Demon powers.

Every time I talk to a Catholic or Christian because of the church brain washing & misdirection they always end up demonizing me in some way. & I’m a Seraphim Angel, I operate in love & light, pure of heart, closest to God. Then I think what are they really learning? It’s not about God.

Ego running the Roman Catholic Church behavior has means, motive, & opportunity to lie & enslave your mind with judgments, demonizing to misdirect you from God to keep you from inheriting all Gods supernatural powers for ascension to be one with God & the Holy Trinity.

The moment of truth

The mark of second coming of Jesus Christ, Ascended Master Dr. James L. Wright

Armageddon (To Unveil)

The final battle between the Christ & Antichrist.

Ascended Master Merkabah Divine Light Time Machine Space Craft

Eyewitness & Photo by Scott C. Waring, Wife & Friend.  Cypress Texas, 2-22-2017

Read my Blog About "What makes Ascension possible?"

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