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Posted by James L. Wright on April 25, 2017 at 3:05 PM Comments comments (8)


By practicing the DOT TRAINING; with the power of true Love, that’s a natural remedy to vaporize & exercising the Antichrist Parasitic Ego Infectious Disease field within you.

1. “The Wright Artificial Intelligence Self Aware Supernatural Parasitic Ego Infectious Disease Management ©”

Ego Alien Reptillon Ulterior Motive

Ego corrupted Court systems conspiracy to incarcerate innocent people.

Ego confidential informants working for law enforcement are conspiring to commit organized crime, then plant evidence to trick & entrap unsuspecting innocent people. The ego is conspiring committing racketeering.

If that doesn't work the ego confidential informants then threaten your life to manipulate you in committing a crime. Conspiring to implicate innocent people in crimes.

Then ego conspiring to pass laws based on lies to entrap more unsuspecting innocent people conspiring to commit more racketeering.

Then the ego District Attorney working for court systems has a long history of lying conspiring to commit malicious prosecutions of innocent people based on lies.

Ego Lies from confidential informants.

Ego Lies from police

Ego Lies from District Attorney.

Ego Lies in manufacturing law.

It's all about the racketeering money from unsuspecting innocent people & tax payer money from the Government.

The ulterior motive is finding new revenge from crime dropping.

If crime go's down the criminal Justus system loses money.

The Ego corrupted criminal Justus systems conspiring to use confidential informants to commit malicious organized crimes to implicate unsuspecting innocent people.

The prison systems make over $74 billion a year.

Plenty of motivation to lie to entrap unsuspecting innocent people for new revenue.

The criminal Justus systems has means, motive, & opportunity conspiring to commit malicious organized crimes entrapping unsuspecting innocent people for racketeering more money because the drop in crime nationwide.

I know this because the confidential informants maliciously Trying to plant evidence implicate me in illegal activity.

Then threaten my life trying to manipulate me in criminal activity.

I went to the polece for help.

They blew me off. They must of been in on the scam.

I was terrorized over a month by Ego confidential informants trying to entrap me. & threatening my life trying to manipulate me in criminal activity.

What's stoping the ego confidential informants targeting & entrapping your unsuspecting innocent children in criminal activity.

Ego confidential informants don't care who they lock up. Innocent or not.

Because of that ego confidential informants scammers lying & malicious organized targeting me.

I can barly leave my house because of that ego always scamming. I'm always on gard when I go out in public & meeting new people. Because who knows when the ego confidential informants will try to run the scam again on me.

I have a mental illness.

It's a federal crime for confidential informants to target Innocent mental ill people.

My rights was violated.

The criminal Justus systems has been burning the candle at both ends by prosecuting Innocent people & criminals.

Making money from both ends.

Ego Lies from confidential informants.

Ego Lies from police.

Ego Lies from District Attorney.

Ego Lies from law makers.

Only the ego lies.

Only Ego uses Judgments. A Weaponized Deadly hallucinogenic Neurotoxin to brain wash you into gilt. Brainwash the jury that your guilty.

The whole court system is based on judgments.

The corrupted Ego criminal Justus systems dose not care about infecting your mind with a Deadly hallucinogenic Neurotoxin to brain wash you into gilt for more revenue.

Company's selling nicotine products is selling deadly neurotoxin for revenue.

Lead & snake venom is a deadly neurotoxin also.

Judgments deadly neurotoxin

Nicotine deadly neurotoxin

Judgments is corrupted behavior only from Ego hallucinogenic trip to brainwash Innocent people into the same hallucinogenic trip to misdirection into gilt & instigate warfare.

Judgments being a deadly hallucinogenic field to brainwash week minded people.

Judgments is a 1 controlled substance

Ego Judgments is a threat to public safety & health.

Ego Judgments is a threat to national secretary.

Ego Judgments is a threat to global Secretary.

Ego People have killed Innocent people because of judgments.

Ego companies is profiting with judgments. By billions of dollars.

Ego fake News systems & Ego court systems.

Judgments is a prehistoric reptilian Alien field ever since the Garden of Eden with Adam & Eve.

The Ego Criminal Justus Systems has been conspiring to maliciously manufacturing crimes on unsuspecting innocent people, also maliciously conspiring racketeering, to maliciously manipulating more income from innocent unsuspecting people & Government, Because Billions & Billions of Dollars in the motivation is to generate new income because the big drop in crime & loss of Billions of Dollars. The Criminal Justus Systems has means, motive, & opportunity to slander, lie. It’s how the Ego Criminal Justus Systems behaves & working thought history.

I've heard people working for the Ego Criminal Justus Systems laugh, admit, & confess about how everyone in prison is innocent.

Look out who you let in your life.

There are so many ego scammers lying trying to scam money by any malicious means they can.

It's big money from locking up & housing people. Innocent, or not. It’s a form of maliciously conspiring slavery to maliciously conspiring racketeering, to maliciously manipulating more income by & with malicious slander, malicious lies, malicious misdirection, malicious persecuting, & malicious prosecuting of innocent victims thought history by Ego malicious behaviors.

The Ego criminal Justus systems behavior thought history demonstration they don't care. It's about maliciously Conspiring racketeering making more money. “That’s Unconstitutional”

I hope this helps you my friends.

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We have to get the word out.

I love you

I trust you

Dr James L Wright

Witness statement & Innocent victim from ego confidential informants illegal targeting me & trying to plant evidence & threatening my life.