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Merkabah Teleporter

Merkabah Space Craft

Merkabah Time Machine

“The Wright Merkabah Time Machine Space Craft Replicator ©

The same Merkabah vehicle you can teleport & Time Travel.

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You use both Teleportation & Time Travel, because the earth & other planets are in different spaces at different times. When you time travel together you also teleport.


Mer= light



Merkabah that is activated with Divine thought. Christ Consciousness. The mind of God.

“The Wright Holy Trinity Universal Prime Directive Law ©”

The Requirements in the DOT TRAINING

The mind of God is: Gods Love & approval; refinement, attainment, enhancement of whatever it surrounds, Spiritual rewards.

We show you how to activate, create, & operate with your mind the Merkabah in the DOT TRAINING Book & DVD

Seraphim Angels powers the movement of the Merkabah. “Seraphim Angels” are the highest, that is, closest to God. The Merkabah evolves you into a Seraphim Angel equal subatomic vibration of God & the Holy Trinity to operate the Merkabah.

“The Wright Multidimensional Multi-Universal Time & Space Bridge ©”

You can travel through time, space, Multidimensional, & Multi-Universal instantaneous.

The Wormhole, Time Tunnel, Gateway is opened with the Infinity Key in the DOT TRAINING in the Book & DVD.

“The Wright Infinite Prime Fuel, Power & Energy Fields Technologies ©

“The Wright Universal Anti-Gravity & Trans-Warp Fields Technologies ©”

The Merkabah is a Green Cold Fusion Reactor & a supernatural power replicator from your body, mind, & soul.

Divine thought, your mind, & soul

Divine Love & Light, your body, & soul

Atomic energy, Antimatter, Expanding energy, creating pushing gravitons to propel the Merkabah together with Time & space the multidimensional super fluid. The ingredients working together to Warp Drive

Omega Molecules ultra supreme power core booster.

We’ve with the Merkabah teleported & traveled through time, space, Multidimensional, & Multi-Universal instantaneous.

We’ve teleported to words with intelligent life. We’ve librated one world from enslavement & suppressing from a Dark Realign Ruler. You can travel, be gone for two week then when you return, you can return the same moment you left by using time dilation with your Merkabah being a teleporting time machine.

The moment of truth


The mark of second coming of Jesus Christ, Ascended Master Dr. James L. Wright


Armageddon (To Unveil)


The final battle between the Christ & Antichrist.


Ascended Master Merkabah Divine Light Time Machine Space Craft


Eyewitness & Photo by Scott C. Waring, Wife & Friend. Cypress Texas, 2-22-2017


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