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What is Ego?

Posted by James L. Wright on March 2, 2017 at 9:10 PM Comments comments (8)

"The ego conspiracy"

“Global conspiracy”

The ego is not human!!!

Anything Ego or Egotistical behaviors is a driven alien influence.

The hard evidence is ego behaviors & actions symptoms that Ego does not behave human.

The ego wants to judge, persecute, slanders, manipulate, control, instigate warfare, entraps, inflict pain & suffering, enslavement & death. That's not human behavior.

Anyone manipulated & controlled by ego is under a Alien influence & controlls like a puppet.

The ego is a puppet master with putting judgments.

Judgments is a alien neuro-toxin & bio-toxin that kills. Ego driven judgments is a mental parasite field from ego.

The “Ego” is a Lizzie, The Antichrist, A Demon, The Devil, Evil Spirit, A Reptilian Alien Monster. That’s imprisoned in another galaxy far far away intent on one thing. Destroying humanity & the environment throughout the universe.

The alien ego parasitic field is demonizing persecuteing judgments.

That's how the alien ego monster have been minipulating & controlling humanity ever since Adam & Eve in the Garden of Eden.

The Alien ego monster weapon & justification is-

Demonizing judgments nero-toxin & bio-toxin field.

Ego alien driven influenced people have all the same behavior.

Ego alien influence people have a collective consciousness all behaving the same behaviors minipulating & controlling humanity from it's prison in another galaxy far far away with it's mental parasite field.

Never fear.

I can help.

With the power of love from the Dot Training Time travel & teleportation.

The DOT TRAINING will exorcize the Alien ego parasitic field out of your head & life.

Together with my spirituallogical Channeling Counseling.

I can guide you through the dark to the light at the end of the tunnel.

The DOT TRAINING will exorcize the Alien ego parasitic field & guide you by its self...

But I’m there for you anytime if you like extra spirituallogical guidance.

The Alien ego parasitic field can't hide from my X-Ray vision.

I love you

I trust you

King Lord Ascended Master Dr. James L. Wright PhD PhD