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Why don't I have superpowers?

Posted by James L. Wright on February 15, 2017 at 10:55 PM Comments comments (4)

Why don't I have superpowers?

Misdirection, judgments, from Ego & Ego.

Ego is the Anti-Christ anti-universe mental disorder, physical disorder, spiritual disorder, & mystical disorder.

Egotistical Demonizing judgments is "kryptonite". (The kryptonite is the Tree of Judgment of good & evil.)

Ego Demonizing Judgments is a thought born weponized psychotropic neurotoxin, biotoxin, spiritualtoxin, mysticaltoxin.

The Ego antichrist disorder uses the Demonizing Judgments to minipulate & control your mind to minipulate & control your reality to instigate warfare & cutting off your supernatural powers.

How do I get my supernatural superpowers?

Live in requirement while doing the exercises in the DOT TRAINING so you can exorcise the Ego Antichrist disorder by unifying & evolving with the Holy Trinity.

Without Ego Antichrist disorder you’ll be able to use discernment & love instead of toxic judgments. Then you can access all your:




Being in requirement & being the exercises from the

Dot Training

Time Travel & Teleportation

by James L Wrigh PhD

With the power of love from the "Dot Training" you'll be able to "exorcise" the Ego Anti-Christ Disorder & receive the Ego Anti-Christ Judgment "antitoxin"

With the power of love you evolve in to a Seraphim Angel by unifying body, mind, & soul with the Holy Trinity you'll be able to walk into the Garden of Eden where all your spirituallogicalpowers, Mysticallogicalpowers, supernaturallogicalpowers, supernaturallogicalpowers, superpowers fruits of the spirit are all from the Holy Trinity.

Being unifying with the Holy Trinity your transforming & evaluation into a Divine perfection of a Seraphim Angels equivalent to the Holy Trinity.

With out Ego Anti-Christ Disorder & judgments out of your Christ mind & life, you'll be able to see, be, & operate in the Garden of Eden where God sead; “you can freely eat from the Tree of Life.” Thats where all the supernatural superpowers fruits of the spirit are.

Fruits of the spirit from the Tree of life in the Garden of Eden is from the Holy Trinity. That’s where all your supernatural superpowers come from.

Wright Holy Trinity Infantile Universal Fields & Prime Technologies

Founder: king Lord Master James L Wright PhD

I love you

I trust you