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Wright Holy Trinity's Infinite Universal Fields & Prime Technologies

Sovereign Seraph Angel Divine King, Lord, & Ascended Master Dr. James Lawrence Wright PhD PhD Dr. h.c. has Demonstrated Wisdom, Knowledge & Proficiency are Awarded Degrees all in:

  1. Reiki Usui Shiki Ryoho Master Level- 08/29/1998

Usui System of Reiki natural Healing

Administered by Carrie Lanning Certified Reiki Master

  1. Channeling the Holy Trinity since 12/03/2000


Administered & Awarded by Seraphim Angel Seth

  1. Ordained Minister- 01/04/2001
  2. Doctor of Philosophy in Metaphysical Sciences- 02/15/2001
  3. Doctor of Philosophy in Alternative Therapy- 02/15/2001

Awarded by Progressive Universal Life Church

  1. Doctor of Divinity- 07/04/2011
  2. Doctor of Time & Space- 12/05/20012
  3. Time Lord- 12/05/2012
  4. High Priest- 06/03/2013
  5. Prophet- 06/03/2013
  6. Mystical Philosopher- 06/03/2013
  7. Universal Philosopher of Absolute Reality- 06/03/2013

Awarded by: Universal Life Church Monastery

8. Holy Trinity Reiki Grand Master level- 06/17/2013

 by Holy Trinity DOT TRAINING 

9. Divinely Crowned- 6/23/2013

by Holy Trinity DOT TRAINING

10. Doctor of Spirituallogical Psychology Counseling- 08/17/2015

Awarded by: Las Angeles development Church & Institute

12. Ascended Mastered- 02/22/2017
By the Holy Trinity  DOT TRAINING
Witnesses & Photographed by; Scott C. Waring, Wife, & friend. Glowing White Orb UFO sighting Cypress, Texas, USA.

James L. Wright Member of:

1. Ascended Master

2. Christ consciousness

3. Clairaudience

4. Master Presence; when the Christed or Higher Self; what humans become when fully enlighten.

5. Akashic Records.

6. Master of Divine Truth; unchangeable reality based on God-consciousness; 2) absolute knowing about purpose & the nature of reality; 3) absence of thoughts & beliefs that create limitation, destructiveness, or illusion.

7. Order Melchizedek; Order Melchizedek were known to run mystery schools of spiritual initiation & ascension in Atlantis & Egypt. Jesus Christ studied with members of the Order Melchizedek prior to his initiation in the Egyptian pyramids during his late teens & early twenties.

 8. Order of the Great White Light.

 9. Order of the Great White Brotherhood.

10. Sisterhood & Brotherhood of Ray Ascended Christ.

11. City of Light: 4th 5th 6th Dimensional cities of Temples of Light where the Ascended Masters dwell.

12. Pleiadian Emissaries of Light.

13. Pleiadian Archangelic Tribes of Light.

DOT TRAINING Time Travel & Teleportation

My main goal is to wake up as many people as I can to the truth about time travel and teleportation. This is an ability that anyone can acheave and you don't need a machine. Everyone has the gift in side of them. All you need to do is wake up to some truths. With some requirements and exercises you can time travel and teleport anywhere in space and time in the universe. I received an incredible gift that I want to share with the world. If I can be it, anyone can be it. This is leading edge technology in the metaphysical science world.

DOT TRAINING Time Travel & Teleportation in Myriads of Parallel Universes Part 1

We invite you to go on an adventure teleporting through space and time
in this and other universes. Starring Lord Dr. James L. Wright as
TimeTravelTruther :)o*o - the Guru on time travel & teleportation - and
co-starring Ingrid A Wood, we take you on his journey of his experiences
by means of the Dot Training ©. The Love of the Universal God starts to
unveil deep universal wisdom and knowledge on how the universe works,
which allows you to harness your own universal internal fuel, power and
energy to time travel and teleport to any time and space in this as well as  
other universes you desire to visit. As your eyes and mind open, your
body, mind and soul begin to wake up to the universal truth in what a
Divine Being you truly are: you truly are destined to be an unlimited
Divine Being. With that unveiling you’ll also find the meaning and
direction of life. XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXO :)o*o

James L. Wright Presents * James L. Wright Production * A James L. Wright Film
DOT TRAINING Time Travel & Teleportation  in Myriads of Parallel Universes Part 1
Starring James L. Wright & Ingrid A. Wood * Music by Michael Lanning
Story by James L. Wright * Produced by James L. Wright * Directed by James L. Wright & Divine Guidance.
© 2012 DOT TRAINING by James L. Wright , All Rights Reserved - $ 25.00 Plus Shipping & Handling

Channeling Holy Trinity’s Spirituallogical Psychology Counseling & Guidance.

King, Lord, & Master Dr. James Wright channeling Holy Trinity’s Spirituallogical Psychology Counseling & Guidance.

DOT TRAINING manual & DVD sold separately.

 By E-mail or phone on contact page appointment only first before payment. When E-mailing  "put in subject line" (Channeling & Counseling)

 "appointment space is limited"

"$100.00 USD" one hundred U.S. Dollars for 45 minutes on the hour per person or couples

Wright Holy Trinity's Infinite Universal Fields & Prime Technologies :)

Founder: King Lord & Master Dr. James L. Wright PhD, PhD
If you like what I’m doing? You can help fund my continued research & help me awaken God's Children to their true potential. You can make a donation to my cause in waking up Gods children by expanding their body, mind & soul by illuminating their true Christ self. When you make a sacrifice " Not wanting to do it" it opens a door for you to receive. When you give out of your heart & not brag about it. It opens a door for you to receive a gift from the Holy Trinity.
WHTIUFPT is private company.
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